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Troublefaker Stories: The Pumphouse 

Hey! How'd you like last week's comic? I got a lot of great feedback on it and the first chapter of Troublefakers Stories and hope you enjoyed it, too. If you missed one, scroll back through the WCB Blog to catch up. 

Man, am I glad I archive my cell phone photos - there are some things about band life back in 2006 that I had almost forgotten about! Like how a band grows as a family unit when the right people get together. 

First, I have to issue a correction (gasp!) for my last email to you. As it turns…

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Troublefakers Stories: Prologue 

First of all - thanks for reading. I said I would write to you more and I meant it!  I know it's a bit lengthy. I post these things on my blog because well, they're basically emailed blog entries. You should bookmark the blog, btw... 

Anyway, the show went really well and I am very satisfied with the closing of the Troublefakers chapter of my musical career/life. 14 years, four albums, and ten bandmates later I was ready and not ready - I didn't know I was ready until reality set in and I was standing by…

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