Visiting you in 2018!

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With the opportunity to play at least one showcase at SXSW I figured it would be a great opportunity to play other cities along my route. I'm going to be driving there anyway and will need to stop, right? I'm going to make the most of it!

I chose these cities based on people I know. Most of the cities on my route are home to people I met online over a decade ago and continue to enjoy friendships with to this day. The rest are family, childhood friends, and musicians that have left Seattle for opportunities in other markets. I am overdue for travel AND touring, and this is the year I pledge to do both!

My tour starts March 10 and ends when I get home April 2. I am looking forward to each and every stop!

What I am looking for: 

  • Venues with evening shows that will book a solo acoustic rock touring act. I can headline or I can open one of these, and have shared the bill with indie, pop, Americana, rock, pop-punk, and Celtic acts. 
  • Venues that will book a solo acoustic rock touring act to play a two-hour show. I'd need a guarantee to do one of these, and the set will include a few covers. 
  • Hosts for a house concert! Invite half a dozen or more friends to bring a dish or a beverage and I will entertain them and you for a couple of hours. Donations by guests are usually part of this set up, but not more than what you'd pay for a ticket at a local venue.


The band joins me in Austin to tape web series The Band In My Bedroom Tonight for their SXSW episode on 3/16, and now we can add another Austin date to our visit -- we are confirmed to play The Carousel Lounge on 3/17 at 3PM!


Just heard back from The Cave in Chapel Hill, NC (outside of Raleigh) for a March 25 show. Now I just need some local acts to join me! I'm listening to recommended artists from the area and hope that a couple can join me for a night at The Cave.


I'm hearing back from venues in Austin, TX, and New Orleans, LA -- and things look good!

I am now confirmed for Neutral Grounds Coffee House in NOLA on March 19! I start late (10PM CT) but it will be worth it!


I have found a great resource in The Indie Bible - a list of venues organized by region, state, city, and genre! Where I don't land a show, I'll definitely have a selection of open mics to play in!


Birmingham, AL - I'm coming for you! I am now confirmed for Courtyard Oyster Bar on Hwy 280! Check BandsInTown and Facebook for show details.


I am actively booking for all cities with booking requests submitted to venues recommended by people who actually live there. Got a recommendation? Click the banner above to send an email to with your town as the subject line and tell me all about it! Chances are I have sent them a message already, but one can never cast their net too wide, you know? Every lead counts!