Visiting You Tour (2018)

Official Facebook Page cover photo for the solo tour

In 2018 I booked a solo road trip tour across the United States. There was no good reason for it other than to play music along my route while finally meeting online friends in person. Two members of my band joined me in Austin, TX, to play two venues during SXSW - one of the best gigs of my life! - and my husband flew in to meet me in Albuquerque on the way back home to share some of the driving.

Exhilarating and full of challenges, I not only met my online friends but ones from childhood, as well as reconnecting with family. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

The section below was updated as I traveled, included here for you to enjoy.    – Wynne

Official Visiting You Tour Log

With the opportunity to play at least one showcase at SXSW I figured it would be a great opportunity to play other cities along my route. I'm going to be driving there anyway and will need to stop, right? I'm going to make the most of it!

I chose these cities based on people I know. Most of the cities on my route are home to people I met online over a decade ago and continue to enjoy friendships with to this day. The rest are family, childhood friends, and musicians that have left Seattle for opportunities in other markets. I am overdue for travel AND touring, and this is the year I pledge to do both!

My tour starts March 10 and ends when I get home April 2. I am looking forward to each and every stop!

What I am looking for: 

  • Venues with evening shows that will book a solo acoustic rock touring act. I can headline or I can open one of these, and have shared the bill with indie, pop, Americana, rock, pop-punk, and Celtic acts. 
  • Venues that will book a solo acoustic rock touring act to play a two-hour show. I'd need a guarantee to do one of these, and the set will include a few covers. 
  • Hosts for a house concert! Invite half a dozen or more friends to bring a dish or a beverage and I will entertain them and you for a couple of hours. Donations by guests are usually part of this set up, but not more than what you'd pay for a ticket at a local venue.

4/2 - Tour Complete!

My final performance of the tour was in Oklahoma City at Cornerstone United Methodist Church on March 29, where I played for their monthly Dinner Church event. It was a lovely crowd and a fitting end to my adventure!

The days that followed were focused on getting home, with a stop to visit with family again in Albuquerque and Durango. I am slowly recovering from my three weeks on the road, catching up on sleep, and learning to enjoy normal amounts of caffeine again. I will return to regular posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram soon!


Day 16 of this tour finds me beginning somewhere in Virginia, making my way to Birmingham for my booked show at The Courtyard Oyster Bar off of Hwy 280. It's been a whirlwind tour so far full of new friends and friendly venues, and I'm already figuring out when I can return to some cities! Follow me on Twitter @wynnec for updates - secure WiFi is hard to come by, but mobile data is plentiful.


After a search in NC, I called The Cave and cancelled my show on 3/25. I'm grateful that they were willing to book me from so far away but it just wasn't meant to be this time. The conversation with the venue was a positive one, so when I do another tour I will definitely make sure The Cave is on my list!

NC is the one stop on my tour where I no longer have a contact or a venue, which is fine. Now I have some travel flexibility that I may end up needing. Whew - tour planning is complicated!


I have confirmed shows in Austin, New Orleans, and Birmingham, with definite plans for open mics in Atlanta, and Louisville. The Cave in Chapel Hill is still up in the air - trying to find local support from the opposite coast is a challenge! I may change my plans if it doesn't work out.

To kick off my tour I am performing at a House Concert  in Woodinville for supporters, friends, and fans! It should be a great start to my tour.

At this point I am happy with the plans I have made and am looking forward to traveling across the country with my music! Now it's just details.


The band joins me in Austin to tape web series The Band In My Bedroom Tonight for their SXSW episode on 3/16, and now we can add another Austin date to our visit -- we are confirmed to play The Carousel Lounge on 3/17 at 3PM!


Just heard back from The Cave in Chapel Hill, NC (outside of Raleigh) for a March 25 show. Now I just need some local acts to join me! I'm listening to recommended artists from the area and hope that a couple can join me for a night at The Cave.


I'm hearing back from venues in Austin, TX, and New Orleans, LA -- and things look good!

I am now confirmed for Neutral Grounds Coffee House in NOLA on March 19! I start late (10PM CT) but it will be worth it!


I have found a great resource in The Indie Bible - a list of venues organized by region, state, city, and genre! Where I don't land a show, I'll definitely have a selection of open mics to play in!


Birmingham, AL - I'm coming for you! I am now confirmed for Courtyard Oyster Bar on Hwy 280! Check BandsInTown and Facebook for show details.


I am actively booking for all cities with booking requests submitted to venues recommended by people who actually live there. Got a recommendation? Click the banner above to send an email to with your town as the subject line and tell me all about it! Chances are I have sent them a message already, but one can never cast their net too wide, you know? Every lead counts!