Hello, my name is Wynne. Pleased to meet you. I've been making music in the greater Seattle area officially since 2005, performing rock and powerpop with my band The Troublefakers. Primarily I'm a voice: I have a message and an instrument to convey it in a powerful way. Alternately I am an entertainer that loves to tell stories. It's all about perspective.

I wasn't supposed to be a musician, I was supposed to be an illustrator or a sculptor - I earned my Fine Arts degree just before the turn of this century - but the universe led me toward many open mics and jam sessions until I met my very first Troublefaker and a band was born. We started out as a Rockabilly/Americana outfit until our first lead guitar change and then moved into more Funk, followed by a lot of Rock.

Many years, three albums, and a few lineup changes later I have gone from being frontman for The Troublefakers, to being Wynne C Blue and her Troublefakers, to just being Wynne C Blue (The Troublefakers were officially retired in 2019). As a band and a soloist I played many stages in and around the Seattle area, entertaining crowds of all ages with our bass-driven powerpop. The songs themselves take inspiration from my own personal struggles with self-image, and my love of geek culture. Wonder Woman? I have a song for that. Mario? Of course I have a song for that - it's probably the most political song I've ever written, seeing as it's sung from the perspective of the ever-elusive Princess.

Now I'm not just performing with a band, but also on my own. Injuries, graduations, and other major life changes put me in a position to learn to perform solo and I did. Scary at first, but I embrace it now. It has opened up a new world of opportunities to share my songs with you, and I feel ready to be a real musician now. All I need to do is play more stages and reach more music lovers like you.

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See you at a show.